Customer Testimonials

"The staff at AHP are not only extraordinarily knowledgeable about fitting hearing aids they're downright delightful to work with."

  • B. Anderson

"I am very satisfied with your professional services over the years.  My hearing capability has improved my satisfaction and quality of life.  Your after purchase services are dependable and caring.  I can always refer friends that have hearing loss to you, knowing they will be happy with the great service provided by the AHP network of offices."

  • B. McLachlin

"I have found Advanced Hearing Providers to be the most helpful in explaining the latest hearing aids that are available today.  I was truly amazed how clearly I could hear plus how comfortable they are to wear.  I have recommended them to all of my friends."

  • A. Curry

"I am greatly impressed by the responsiveness and professionalism of the staff at Advanced Hearing Providers.  I expected to be 'cut loose' after I bought my hearing aids, but the service and the prompt attention continue non-stop.  I couldn't be more pleased."

  • T. Fuzard

"Advanced Hearing Providers showed me new technological advances in hearing aids that I could get fitted with just to try them outThis new technology is great! I can now hear my wife and daughter's high-pitched voices in situations where I never could before.  I can also hear the conversation at my table in noisy restaurants.  Thanks for finding me a solution to my hearing needs.

  • R. Coburn