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Advanced Hearing Providers Offers

  • Cost Containment  AHP uses our strong relationships with manufacturers to provide the lowest possible price while retaining high quality products.

  • Assumption of Administrative Burden  AHP staff members have extensive hearing healthcare experience. This understanding allows us to streamline processes and handle every aspect of the claim. When you make the referral, we take all of the administration of the hearing healthcare claim to ensure rapid acceptance.

  • Stable Service Standards  AHP has credentialing and interview systems to ensure consistent comprehensive fitting and verification services.

  • Product and Package Symmetry  Every hearing instrument has the same 3 year warranty, insurance coverage, batteries and comprehensive follow-up care.

  • Appropriate Fittings  Our Hearing Healthcare Providers are reimbursed at the same industry leading rate regardless of which technology level the claimant is fit with. This removes the provider's incentive to fit only premium, high-end products, ensuring the patient is receiving the proper equipment that they need, and not excessive, unnecessary or extravagant technology.

  • Automatic Peer Review  Every hearing aid claim goes through peer review with our qualified Board Certified Hearing Instruments Specialists and Audiologists.

Advanced Hearing Providers delivers consistency in service, packaging, and price regardless of where you are located